London’s Growing

A stunning contemporary new addition to the London skyline is The Shard.  Unveiled at a pompous ceremony last night but hard to miss since it is just over1,000 ft tall it was London’s worst kept secret.  The Shard is officially Europe’s tallest building but not for long as a Russian construction is on course to take over by next year.

The building was developed by investors from Qatar and it was designed by Italian architect Renzo Piano, what a fabulous name!  There is of course a viewing gallery at the top but it won’t be open to the public until next year.  Isn’t it beautiful?


One Comment to “London’s Growing”

  1. I have watched this building emerge and grow into the London skyline. What an eyesore!

    I hate it.

    When looking at London from Parliament Hill, your eye is now drawn to this monstrous building, instead of all the other pretty buildings in London like St Paul’s. I guess everyone hated the Gherkin when it was first built, but the Shard is different – it is just too big!

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