Basically, I’m A Hero

There are not many places in the world where young men describe themselves as heroes or machos but India is one of them.  I haven’t been back in Delhi long and a friend mischievously warned me of her new physiotherapist who comes to her house every other day.  The encounter was hilarious.

A tight t-shirted, coiffured muscle man came in and started working on my friend’s shoulder while he conversed with me.  In the space of 3 minutes he told me he actually wants to be a movie star even though he went to college for seven years to qualify in physiotherapy.  I enquired if he wasn’t in the wrong city for stardom, Delhi doesn’t have a movie industry after all.  Yes, he agreed.  He went to Mumbai for one week but came back disillusioned.

He told me it wasn’t like in the movies where one could handsomely sit around drinking coffee and all of a sudden a producer or director would come in and pick someone for a starring role.  Strange don’t you think?  I suggested perhaps he should go back for longer (at no point was there any discussion as to his lack of acting experience) but he said that he would not because he is a hero anyway.  This was simply stated matter-of-factly with no humour intended.  I told him, yes indeed he was my friend’s hero for helping her with her stiff shoulder but he insisted he was a hero in general.

My friend informs me that he regularly sights movie scenes as his real life love stories.  He needs physio on his stiff brain!  Goooooooood grieffffffffff!


6 Comments to “Basically, I’m A Hero”

  1. it’s fucking hard to get into the film industry, it’s saturated in the first place.
    and too many wannabe people who want to become actors

  2. so many people live in a dream world when they could enjoy the real world instead.

  3. But there is a concentration of these no-hopers in South Asia don’t you think?

  4. It would help if one’s surname is kapoor, khan and so on. A dead body has more screen presence and acting ability than Bachchan Juior yet he basically remains a hero.

  5. How dare you ! The Bachchans are all great, all of them

  6. What planet are these people living on?!?

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