Beware of Greeks Bearing Racism

An article in today’s New York Times highlights the increasing levels of racist attacks on immigrants inGreece and the relative complacency of politicians, police and the public at large.

In economic downturns, immigrants are always the easy target to vent political inaction and even the local population taking their fair share of responsibility and ‘blame’ for their own phobia against paying taxes and penchant for loans.

Of course it is more newsworthy and scandalous to highlight the racist elements and not Greeks fighting against racism, however, where is the message from the media?  The media is always a powerful tool to implement a message and it is not being utilised.  One [legal] Pakistani immigrant was told to leave in seven days or his businesses would be burnt down and the police informed him that they didn’t have the time to help people like him.  Outrageous!!! 

I have always questioned whether Greece should have been in the EU at all, forget the single currency.  It is not a first world country, it actually has peasants and has always had a corrupt civil service. Greece is a failed state [much like Pakistan- perhaps it is the similarity they hate] and will have its cap in hand for EU social funding in addition to bailouts so should it not at least try to make its population part of the civilised world?

Where are the Greeks against racism?


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