Who’s Bad?

Film maker, Spike Lee will release a documentary this September to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Bad which is being reissued in the same month (kerching!!).

Although Michael Jackson became a complete loony tunes towards the end I have been a life-long fan and he is still one of the few truly international celebrities of the world.  Even people who can’t speak English in the remotest, deepest, darkest recesses of the world could tell you who he was if shown a photo. 

And Bad….what an album??  So completely amazing! I was only a kid when it was released but I was so ultra jealous when my older cousins went to the concert in Wembley Arena.  Of course Mum wouldn’t let my sister and I go naturally fearing for our safety and to say we hated her for it is an understatement.  She wouldn’t dare say no a few years later when MJ came back for the Dangerous tour so my sister and I were at least satisfied and old feuds passed. 

 If I get a microscope maybe I’ll be able to spot my cousins in the crowdon the cover grrrrrrrrr.


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