Another Skin Bleaching Product…..

We have discussed skin bleaching before on this blog with Nice Tan Lines and White Faced Blunder By Body Shop but recently I read about a new product recently launched in India that astonished me no end.

“Clean and Dry Intimate Wash” promises to make the skin around the vagina brighter.

The product is on sale for Rs 90 (about £1) and can be bought online, where a blurb reads: “Life for women will now be fresher, cleaner and more importantly fairer and more intimate”.

Does this make you angry? Do the producers really believe that deep intimacy can only be achieved if you are fair? Can you imagine being in any one of those marketing meetings that inspired the creation of a vaginal bleaching product? I would have thrown up.

Jezebel found an explanation on the product from Alyque Padamsee, an Indian theatre personality and advert director who in Open The Magazine suggested that fairer skin reflects the complexion better and is therefore more desired. He went as far to compare the product to applying lipstick.

We are in 2012, can we just start accepting women in the colours and shapes they come in?


One Comment to “Another Skin Bleaching Product…..”

  1. Yes this product has been causing quite a lot of upset around the world. It has been argued that this product obviously is influenced by India’s obsession with white skin but also the increasing pornification of our normal lives as porn is more readily available and dictates beauty trends. I haven’t watched Bridesmaids but apparently there is a scene where a character talks about having her anus bleached … What sounds worse?

    The only fightback is a rejection by women to purchase the products. In India though fairness products are marketed at men too so perhaps a bleaching product for their organs is also in the pipe line.

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