Shh! Don’t Say Vagina

A new Carefree advert, launched in New Zealand, is receiving complaints in less than 24 hours of airing for using the word “vagina”.
An accompanying press release entitled “Tackling the taboo” emphasised the campaigns objective to be honest and adult about the female anatomy rather than continuing to use euphemisms and diminutive terms.
Why are people so offended about using the word “vagina” in the media when sex is used to sell nearly everything. What is so offensive?…. I would rather they call it a vagina than do what FemFresh did earlier on in the year and call it everything from “va jay jay to froo froo, lala and nooni”. What is that about?
Whether you like the advert or not, it has certainly pushed the boundaries in an arena where feminine hygiene companies have been forced into coyness about the word “vagina”.
What do you think? Has Carefree gone too far by using “vagina” in its ads?

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