Who Are You Calling Fag Hag?

If a woman has friends that are gay and enjoys spending time with them, why is she given a title of Fag Hag?  If I hang out with my straight friends or girlfriends it wouldn’t warrant notice so I take issue with the difference being pointed out amongst gay men.

I was at a party in Delhi and this happened to be my second Saturday night at a gay event which is not a big deal and I made particular efforts to meet with a dear friend who now lives abroad and is only in town until the end of the month.  He was my going-out-buddy before he betrayed me and decided to go back into further education so we have made particular efforts to meet up.

I bumped into a friend of his at both parties and it was he that slapped the title on me: Ohhh so you’re a Fag Hag….er, no, it’s 2012 and people’s sexual preference is really not a big deal nowadays. The insinuation is that gay guys are cool and so girls love hanging out with them.  So what do you call a straight guy who is comfortable with his gay friends and likes to meet up with them? Normal?


4 Comments to “Who Are You Calling Fag Hag?”

  1. What a horrible label. Personally I find it really insulting and low.

  2. Maybe they’re still insecure and haven’t realised that they don’t need such descriptions now?

  3. I also hate the term fag hag and my best friend who is gay made me promise never to call myself that. A lot of my gay buddies enjoy the term but only to talk about fat girls who only hang out with gay men. Low!

  4. I’m less offended by the term. It does describe a certain type of woman who seeks out gay-man company but who cares? I know sexuality isn’t important, but you have to admit gay men are different and their difference is precisely what makes them so much fun to hang out with. I used to live with two gay guys but was never called a Fag Hag but I wouldn’t have cared!

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