Olympic Team Lost In London

Did I hear this right? Were athletes from the American and Australian Olympic teams lost in London yesterday? Can you imagine spending between 6 and twelve hours on the plane and upon arrival to London, spending a quarter of the day trying to get to your accommodation  because the coach driver didn’t know where he was going….

I don’t whether to laugh or cry…

The driver hadn’t been given the route, nor could you use the GPS system on the bus. It’s like a sketch out of Twenty Twelve, a BBC mokumentary about the team organising the London Olympics (really funny if you haven’t seen it).

You would have thought some sort of training on the GPS system would have been provided or even asked for. Maybe even a practice route for the first of our VIP visitors. The incompetency being demonstrated by British organisations currently is quite astonishing.

It would be really uplifting if something to do with these Olympics would go right and people would just do their jobs properly.




2 Comments to “Olympic Team Lost In London”

  1. Being lost on the roads in London is really not a good first impression! Come on London! Sort out your act!!!

  2. Ohhhhh myyyy god. I am so embarrassed just reading this – what is going to happen to us!

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