Please Plug the Gap

The Chancellor, George Osborne has entered the tax dodging debate by declaring cash payments to plumbers and the type ‘morally wrong’.  He has some cheek as both the coalition and previous governments have fallen over themselves to help create and encourage the system whereby the rich pay hardly any tax at all.

Last week it was reported that £13 trillion is lost every year through loop holes and off-shore arrangements and that HMRC know about around £350 million is known to be lost through tax dodging but they can’t be bothered trying to recover it.  One only needs to buy a copy of the wonderful investigative magazine, Private Eye, to see how much assistance Vodafone received to dodge tax, and Barclays and the list goes on and on and on.  On a recent trip to India George Osborne even tried to advise against the retrospective tax that the Indian government were trying to settle with Vodafone.

Imagine that the chancellor wants to crack down on normal people who by enlarge DO pay tax!  I would rather not be lectured on morals by politicians.





One Comment to “Please Plug the Gap”

  1. Cash is King!!! I love paying by cash. You use what you have and don’t owe anyone a thing. You can also bargain a better price with cash. Paying 20% VAT to fix a tap is just ludicrous so it is no wonder that plumbers, mechanics and other service companies take cash payments.
    If those who take cash payments choose not to declare their income, then the government should consider why and not just name them immoral. Try making it more fair and less costly for small businesses who do not have off shore accounts or clever accountants whose job it is to avoid massive tax bills.

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