Short Bargain Break

Following a tip from a travel agent on BBC Radio 4 a while ago, I decided to take a short city break to Valencia. The agent suggested that countries affected the most by the recession are offering the best value for tourists and she wasn’t wrong. Normally visiting Europe feels and is so expensive but this trip left me with change.

With the Euro in a weaker position due to the financial crisis, the rate of exchange is a little comfort for those looking to get more for their money. However, the real bargains can be seen upon arriving at the destination.

There are no end of restaurants offering great deals to entice you to eat at their establishment. Tapas is not nearly as expensive as it is in the UK, especially London and Paella is perfect for those wanting to eat a great inexpensive dish. Entertainment from Flamenco shows and bull fights if you are into that sort of thing have discounted tickets too.

Valencia is a small charming city that can be walked around easily. Its majestic buildings basque in the glorious sun and numerous museums open to take shade in. It is very relaxed and does not have that busy city feel which I found perfect for a short city break. The beach is 10 minutes by cab from the centre if it all gets too much. The central market is worth a visit as the smells of lovely fresh inexpensive produce makes me always wish that we could replace Tescos with this wonderful way of shopping.

If you are looking for a short break, try Valencia. A relative is off to Greece for a bargain short break.


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