Insincere Sympathy

Six Sikh worshippers were killed in the USA today by a ‘domestic terrorist’ and this is only days after the gunman broke loose on Batman fans in Aurora, Colorado.

After awful atrocities like these there often appears to be much hand-wringing and squirming amongst politicians who at once want to show sympathy whilst distancing themselves from the gun law debate.  After reading about the awful incident the article mentioned that President Barack Obama issued a statement that sounded like hollow and generic as if he were a pop star and needed a reminder where he was playing that night.

The President said he was deeply saddened at this difficult time and that the people of [INSERT CITY] must know that the American people have them in thoughts and prayers, and their hearts go out to the families and friends of those who were killed and wounded.

Hmmmm except in an election year no one is going to actually do anything apart from pay lip service to the right to bear arms.  I’m sure the families and friends of those who were killed completely understand.


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