Olympic Inspiration

Another Olympic post. Sorry but I am consumed by it.

One it the Olympics legacies is that it will inspire young people to take up sports. Has it inspired us or are we just great a spectating and celebrating other’s achievements?

The streets seem to have more cyclists and joggers and the uptake in our local tennis club has marginally increased. My daughter was glued to the gymnastics and is eager to start her new term in September as she spends the summer perfecting all of her balancing and attempting acrobatics. Some writers say that the novelty will last for a couple of months in post Olympic euphoria and then the anti climax and cold weather will sink in and we will all return to our couches in front of the television.

The athletes and commentators seem to be championing this legacy by talking about getting involved in sports and its benefits at every opportunity. Let alone, heralding and encouraging  parental support. The ever reliable taxi service to take children from one class to another.

Whatever the future holds for the British public, the screaming and joyous moments in front of the television gold for Sir Chris Hoy, Laura Trott, Mo Farah, Jessica Ennis to name only a few of our gold winning athletes will live on for a lifetime.




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