India, Nouveau

PCJ Delhi Couture Week 2012 couldn’t have opened with a fresher and younger look than the collection presented by Varun Bahl.  Called India, Nouveau the collection was as elegant as it was sexy with its sheer fabrics and peek-a-boo highlights whilst keeping the wearer ingeniously covered and demure!

How does one achieve all of that?  Indulge further and see for yourself:

Varun Bahl’s collection certainly takes Indian couture on a tangent away from bridalwear and instead offers the perfect choice of Indian clothing for cocktails, parties and [for those who go] show stopping award ceremony looks.

These are the types of glamorous Indian outfits celebrities flying the flag for India should be wearing at Cannes, not the heavy and over-embellished styles often favoured.  With carefully thought-out and flattering embroidery (predominantly peacocks) the focus is certainly on the woman wearing the clothes and not the other way around which can often be the case.

The use of black as a key color was Varun Bahl’s statement against the preconceived inauspiciousness of it in India, as black adds a modern relevance to the time-honored, traditional cuts and shapes this collection is based on. The other key colors in the collection were cobalt-to-navy blues, olive, coral, and reds.


3 Comments to “India, Nouveau”

  1. The first sari is really sexy!

  2. Most of these designs look at bit risque for the average Indian woman. But I do agree with you that Indians on the red carpet around the world would look much much better wearing these designs than some of the cumbersome and heavy things they end up wearing.

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