Delhi Couture Week Day 3: Arora’s Back in Town!

A much anticipated show during PCJ Delhi Couture Week 2012 was the return of Indian fashion’s showman extraordinaire, Manish Arora.

Manish very recently spent two seasons at the helm of Paco Rabanne in Paris and prefers to show in Paris in any case.  It’s not difficult to see why, his is the only collection with a distinctly Western feel and not a bridal gown in sight.  I’ve been to a few Manish Arora shows over the years and his creativity is truly inspiring.  The energy and zeal in his collections are inimitable, however, my compliments end there on this occasion.

Whilst this was a retrospective celebration of the designer the set design seemed to be a deliberate distraction from the clothing complete with bells and [literally] whistles!  The dark venue was covered in fluorescent polka dots from top to bottom which had a striking effect and on the catwalk floor to ceiling cages had been constructed.  Once the show began the cages lit up with flashing multi-colour LED lights and the models began trooping through.  Were these all left over props and stationery that needed to be utilised before year-end?

This show was a 3D Curriculum Vitae of technical ability.  Punk? Check. Fur? Check. Ostrich feathers? Check. Moulded metal? Check.  Other styles seemed gimmicky and immature, not couture: lips on dresses some with fags in them…cringe!! (see above)

At the press conference Manish mentioned his show producers and that he enjoys working with them, it may be time to find fresh ideas with another company for the future.  He should also sack the stylist: this was not the best of Manish Arora in my opinion – I know what other samples he has that should have been out here!!


One Comment to “Delhi Couture Week Day 3: Arora’s Back in Town!”

  1. WOW ! what a collection – I certainly was not expecting this sort of this from an Indian Couture collection – will certainly be looking Arora up for the future. Does he do a diffusion collection for us mere mortals?

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