Open All Hours

Sunday shoppers have been privileged with unregulated opening hours during the past fortnight and it is continuing until after the Para Olympics. The Coalition government believe this to be a positive way in boosting the British economy and are seeking to change store opening times on Sunday to comply with the rest of the week forever.

Isn’t 6 hours of shopping enough on a Sunday? Do we really need shops to open longer so that we can consume?

Although I do understand the modern market, its competitive needs and around the clock disposal, I do adore mainland Europe’s policy of closing shops on Sundays. Visit a museum; see a relative; watch a movie; forget Tescos, Debenhams and the rest…

We have internet shopping should be we feel a compulsive urge to shop. The only stores that can afford to stay open all hours are the supermarkets and department stores. The little high street stores would never survive with added staffing costs on the chance that a customer may walk in at 7pm on a Sunday.

It is ok for things to be closed and not available all of the time, isn’t it? Is it really going to boost our economy or just another stupid scheme by schoolboys.


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