New Moon

PCJ Delhi Couture Week 2012 came to a close with the unveiling of Sabyasachi Mukherjee’s refined and elegant collection.  Hailing from Kolkata, Sabyasachi’s collections offer a very different love song to luxury Indian hand craft.

Sabyasachi’s globetrotting inspired his couture collection but this narrowed to five cities in particular: the straitjacket discipline of New York, the classic nostalgia of the British Raj in Kolkata, the subversive decadence of Berlin, the incredible romance of Paris and the bohemian flair of Barcelona.  The result was a beautiful understated, demure and elegant collection that is very global yet very Indian.

Chintz patchwork combined with tweeds and embellished needlework in colour blocks to create a wonderful vintage collection for cocktail hour.

Unusually, the show began with Bollywood icon Sri Devi walking down the catwalk followed by an introduction to her new film role and then the show began.  Sri Devi looked every bit the movie star – forever young, forever glamorous.



One Comment to “New Moon”

  1. Errrr …. The glasses were a terrible idea! Love the collection though!

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