Cheers for Champions

Are you a glory supporter?  We cheer for our favourite teams and athletes representing our country when winning but what about when they lose?

An interesting survey commissioned by Vicks (Vaporub, cold relief products etc) found that sportspersons believe Australia is the most vocal in its support for their team when it wins followed closely by England and India at number 3.   However,  a mere 14% of sportspersons surveyed believe India stands by them even when they are losing, as compared to England at 42% and Australia at 36%.

This is a rather timely survey given the London Olympics have just passed, Little Britain did scored brilliantly on the medal table!  Would we be as elated had our athletes not done so well?

I remember reading stories about  international cricket teams from the Subcontinent receiving death threats and having things thrown at them at the airport if they returned home from tournaments empty handed without a trophy.  Was that tough love meant to motivate them on the field?


2 Comments to “Cheers for Champions”

  1. Fab article – I found myself agreeing with a lot of it .. rather shamefully, when we won a “bronze” I would sighhhh ohhh ok yeah we got a bronze, fabulous but secretly gutted because it should have been gold!

  2. I don’t think we would have been. The world cup and other footballing tournaments shows how disgusted we are when our team performs poorly. The success and failure of these Olympics lay totally at the hands of the athletes. If we had done badly, we would all be talking about the security scandal, the cost, the ticketing catastrophe and the list goes on. It is only because we were successful, these things can be glossed over.

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