British Press Fear Leveson

The British press, including The Sun, have chosen not to run Prince’s Harry story showing naked pictures of him in a hotel room in Las Vegas because they fear the backlash of the Leveson Inquiry. Thank God!!!

What someone does in the privacy of their hotel room unless they are committing a crime is nobody’s business but theirs. Prince Harry deserves that privacy surely. If he wants to play strip billiards, then so be it. Who cares????

Does this impede the freedom of the press? I guess this depends in what camp you sit. For me,  the freedom of the press can only be impeded if the matter at hand is of public interest. This is just gossip and has nothing with public interest. Bubbly posted about the religious hostility in Assam this week. This is of public interest and should definitely be reported on.

If the Leveson inquiry has frightened the press into allowing people to have privacy, then really, this is a good thing. You never know when it could be your privacy that is invaded, famous or not.


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