British Beaches: Croyde Bay

Following on from our series of posts last year on Britain’s best beaches, I add another glorious Blue Flag beach to the list; Croyde Bay, Devon.

Unspoilt by commercialism. Yes can you believe it, no Mcdonalds, Tesco Express or even a Starbucks!  You could almost believe that the sleepy town of Croyde is still set in the 40’s with green hills setting the backdrop for the glorious Atlantic waves to roll into. The landscape is totally breathtaking.

Amongst the top two popular surfing beaches in the UK, Croyde Bay was busy over the bank holiday but not over crowded. For those who do not surf, do take a pair of binoculars as spectator sport takes on a whole new meaning. Baywatch eat your heart out…..

Children can busy themselves in the rock pools which inhabit a variety of shell fish such as mussels, clams, cockles and crabs.

If you a little peckish, visit The Sandleigh, a national trust partnership cafe, which serves a glorious menu of locally (like from their own backyard) sourced food. The Devon pastie is worth a try.

What a delightful place for a long weekend.


One Comment to “British Beaches: Croyde Bay”

  1. That looks amazing! Thanks for the tip, Bunty!!

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