Paralympic Boos And Snubs

Week 2, Day 2 and controversy overshadows the awesome Paralympics. First, there is the booing of George Osborne as he presented medals, secondly there was the alleged “snubbing” of Duchess Catherine, and thirdly and the most abhorrent was the attack on military guards at the Olympics.

The Olympics is supposed to be A-political. It is an event to celebrate the achievements of the greatest athletes regardless of creed or colour. Sorry for the sermon, but I feel slightly agitated.

Did people really need to boo George Osborne whilst amazing athletes were receiving their awards? Yes, the man has screwed up the economy and is financially hurting a lot of people, but then was not the time to voice political dissent. Was it?

Would some of the media refrain from describing the “not shaking hands incident” between Mehrdad Karam Zadeh from Iran and Duchess Catherine as “snubbed”. She was not snubbed at all. She was informed of the athletes cultural and religious position and therefore would not shake hands. She accepted and they both just bowed. Personal views of the custom aside, she was not snubbed. It is not about tensions between Iran and the UK.

There is still not much information about the attack on the military except for the police are looking for Asian youths. Was this politically influenced or just thuggery?

David Weir won his second gold medal in the 1500m. Superb victory. Team GB have 78 medals. Second only to China who have an incredible 150.





One Comment to “Paralympic Boos And Snubs”

  1. I love the way you say “looking” for Asian youths. They obviously feel so strongly about their actions they have to hide.

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