London’s New Secret

Sexy lingerie brand, Victoria’s Secret recently opened its glamorous new Bond Street store injecting American cool into the High Street.

Victoria’s Secret took far too long to open in the UK, this was one of the few American brands that I still requested if my family were visiting the USA.  I used to look through their website thinking what wonderful swimwear and underwear they had but I didn’t want to risk their international purchase policy.

Although I don’t like padded bras anymore, especially ones that feel like they weigh 2kg, there is a huge range of goodies to choose from.  Playful underwear that is reasonably priced (£39.50 for the bra and £16 for the thong pictured) for any age range.  I got my first bra from boring old Marks and Spencer but at Victoria’s Secret there is an entire section dedicated to teens.

The interior staircase is beautiful but if you don’t like pink, don’t go in!!


2 Comments to “London’s New Secret”

  1. So excited we have a VS here, I usually have to buy the whole shop out whenever I go to USA!

    The best thing about VS is that they make underwear that is so sexy-cute and feels like they have designers that really understand women. I have a lot of cash to spend on underwear and do not fancy spending it to look like a cheap hooker (a la agent prov).

    My favourite underwear set it from VS .. Lovely pink. I have a big pair for my frame and VS fits me just perfectly! Also love their girl boxers for bed! I have to get some more

  2. My uncle told us over dinner about this news and we were all so excited. One of the must things to do when going State bound is to venture into VS. Now, we can do it in London!!!
    About time too……

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