Mo Murray!

After Wimbledon tears and Olympic cheers, everyone’s favourite miserable Scot, Andy Murray sealed his place in British tennis history by winning the US Open.  It has been 76 years since a Brit won and it was truly wonderful news to wake up to.

One of the endearing stories to come out since Andy’s victory is his grandma’s recollection of Andy being an incredibly sore loser as a boy and the tantrums they would witness.  Experts claim that far from being the signs of a brat these are signs of future winners.  In my family, we are all sore losers and I think that does drive us to push harder although none of us are sporting champs.

I remarked to my sister that she will soon be wearing Andy Murray tennis shoes to replace her Fred Perry’s and sure enough the newspapers were full of estimates of Brand Murray and the potential future income.

However, my favourite story by far to come out since Andy’s victory is the news that he ordered a can of Irn Bru at the New York British Consulate celebration of his victory.  A true Scot!!


One Comment to “Mo Murray!”

  1. I am v pleased that I bet on Murray to win BBC Sports Personality of the Year BEFORE the Olympics …. Ch-chiiiing!

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