Crooked Cops

Is the police force a joke in Britain and we, the public, are only just realising this?  In England as many as nine police chiefs are under investigation for misconduct, some for gross misconduct such as withholding material evidence in a murder trial.

In London the Met Police are being sued by members of the public for being unduly harassed under their stop and search powers, there were eyebrows raised as to police collusion with the tabloids in the Leveson inquiry and there will be new investigations of the police mismanagement (understatement) of the Hillsborough disaster.

When serious investigations are aimed at the most senior levels of the English police force one wonders at the example they are setting.



One Comment to “Crooked Cops”

  1. Maybe it was naive of us to believe that the police force in the UK is so infallable in the first place? They are in a position of power, it would be hard for at least some thing them to get lazy or become tempted for the right amount.

    At least one thing that is highlighted by these stories is that we have a system in place to catch out these type of people, and thank goodness for that!

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