Gaffe Prone Mitt

With not long to go before the US presidential election, some have declared today the day that Republican candidate, Mitt Romney lost.

Mitt Romney was filmed at a fundraiser sneering that he didn’t need to care about the 47% of Americans that don’t pay federal income tax.  Subsequently, whilst it appeared that he was embarrassed by the remarks he only apologised for the tone and not the content. Romney failed to grasp that out of the real figure of 47% this included senior citizens and members of the armed forces in addition to job seekers and others that repulse him.

This comes days after his gaffe about his guess that middle-income American families earned $250,000 (which is not far from Obama’s estimate but somehow everyone overlooked his gaffe) and Romney also kept up his deaf ear to world politics by declaring that Palestinians didn’t want peace.

Even hardline Republicans are calling for him to step down after these most recent remarks it will be interesting to see what happens next!


4 Comments to “Gaffe Prone Mitt”

  1. I don’t understand how people like this get nominated. Where are all the normal people??

  2. But isn’t this good for the usa? The fact that surely even the americans can’t mess up and will vote in obama for another term? …. or have I spoken too soon?

  3. Romney is so disgusting. Does anyone know what middle-america does earn – what did obama guess? Shocking stuff but then didn’t our MPs get the price of a pint of milk wrong ?

    • Obama shockingly guessed $200,000 but he got away with that huge error in the media as Romney’s guess was even worse. I think Obama’s guesstimate is worse as he actually is in power and he ought to know or should google it every now and then.

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