Green Fingered Thieves

A new rising crime spreading across the country is stealing plants from front gardens.


I couldn’t believe that people were going around like little garden gnomes in the middle of the night walking off with peoples pansies and hyacinths, until I visited my aunt on Sunday and asked where her two extremely large terracotta pots were. They were stolen one night from outside her front door.

Thieves target particular areas, of course the more affluent for their more expensive flowers and pots, and resell the items.

Top of the list are hanging baskets, olive trees, rare lilies and bay trees to name a few.

I feel like my grandmother after hearing this wondering if anything is safe anymore, reminiscing on the days when you could order milk from the milkman and know it would still be on your doorstep when you woke up in the morning.

Statistics on the crime suggest that it is more prevalent in the North than South and 7 out of 10 homes of the 1000 people surveyed by an independent poll said that their gardens had been subject to theft.

I think my Olive tree will be going in my back garden tonight.





3 Comments to “Green Fingered Thieves”

  1. This happened to my mother too – and the plants were not even potted, they were planted. She bought some rare japanese trees and they looked lovely. Soem thieves uprooted them and stole them. Unbelievable.

  2. My mum had things stolen from her garden too. My aunt had a Buddha statue stolen and that weighed loads – I couldn’t drag it 1cm but others managed to lift it out altogether. Pathetic.

  3. I’ve heard loads of stories about plants going missing from the garden. And a lot of it doesn’t even cost much. I don’t get it…

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