Four members of one British Asian family from Birmingham were jailed today for killing a pregnant woman as they thought she was possessed.

The victim was a 21 year old woman from Pakistan who had come to Britain after marriage.  On the other side of the world from her own family and in a strange new world, she was murdered by her husband as her husband’s family held her down.

Never mind possessions of the spirit kind sadly too many women in our culture are seen as real possessions or chattel worth less than animals.

I hope other backward families in Birmingham take note of this case and think twice before ganging up on women:  they may not have protection from their families or be considered worthless but in the UK the law and the justice system does care about them and you will be caught and you will go to jail.  Communities and their leaders need to address the issues raised in this tragic case so that at least fear keeps a check on families if not their own values.


One Comment to “Possession”

  1. Was this just not an excuse to murder the woman. Or could she have had an illness?
    In Hinduism, people can be possessed by the maternal gods such as Amba. We have written about this. It is quite spooky and scary and people have questioned its reality.

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