Here is an embarrassing incident that just won’t go away.


Chief Whip Andrew Mitchell has been officially logged calling serving officers of the Metropolitan police “plebs”. It was leaked to the press on Monday and today and following two apologies from Mr Mitchell, you would think that would be the end of it.

Not in this case. Is there more to this than meets the eye? Could it be because Mr Mitchell refuses to tell what he exactly did say? Could it be that the use of the word “pleb” demonstrates just how out of touch with the British public the government are or are we all just so insulted that the people who meant to serve us, who were voted in by us think of us as lower than them. Will this story only end in the resignation of Andrew Mitchell?

Even Boris Johnson today said that Mr Mitchell should have been arrested for abusing a police officer and thinks he should resign. Personally, I think the police have far better things to do than arrest every person who swears and calls them names. Stick and stones and all that…..

I am not condoning what Andrew Mitchell said. Far from it. I think in his position he should know better and really, why is such vocabulary even in his language? Is this how he insults those he sees as a lower class than him? Papers have referred to him as bullish, aggressively ambitious and at school he was named “thrasher”. The gentlemanly image that many of his peers have tried to paint of him just don’t ring true.

Could it be possible that in a crazy moment, Mr Mitchell, revealed his true self and that of the government and it is this that the media have hung onto and will not stop until they have broken the man. A full public inquiry can only be a waste of money. I think he has learnt an embarrassing lesson and will keep his mouth in check in future.

Jeremy Hunt was responsible for far worse earlier this year in the Murdoch scandal and if he can become Health Secretary, then Andrew Mitchell’s job has got be secure.






One Comment to “Pleb-Gate”

  1. The new series of The Thick of It is currently on and this story could have been pulled out from one of the episodes it is so cringe worthy, the Tories need a Malcolm Tucker to get them out of this sticky mess!

    I think the sorry scenario shows many little things about Britain and entitlement: that the law is not applied equally to all, that some people think rules are not applicable to them, that power gives some people a huge ego and that the press is still very powerful in Britain despite the Leveson inquiry.

    Some people were remarking this morning that the story just won’t go away. This does show our relatively short attention span to scandal but I think the press are correct to drag the story out a bit longer as Mitchell has potentially been caught out of his version of events and should be made to squirm a little longer.

    I am amazed though at the skill involved of a politician’s making statements whereby the result is actually stating nothing at all, this is what Andrew Mitchell said:

    “I am very clear about what I said and what I didn’t say. I want to make it absolutely clear that I did not use the words that have been attributed to me.”


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