Burqas Behaving Badly

Lady Gaga opened Philip Treacy’s London Fashion Week exhibition with a bang in a hot pink transparent burqa and how fab it was!

I’m a Muslim, no one in my family wears head scarves or burqas therefore unsurprisingly I am in the burqas-are-opressive camp.  Apparently not all women who wear them are forced (I believe there must at least be coersion or family pressure), however, this photo of Gaga made me think about the potential for burqas to be turned into a political tool for change or to at least have a sense of humour with.  Take this photo of M.I.A:

This was from an event in 2010.  Wouldn’t it be amazing if feisty feminist women turned the burqa’s anonymity to their advantage?  I wonder what would happen…


3 Comments to “Burqas Behaving Badly”

  1. The world would be a better place. Bunty

  2. I find this slighty patronising. They are trying to make some political point (or not) but not really effectively. Surely we must go on the premise that an adult woman can choose to wear a Burkha if she wants to. I am currently sitting on a train where I can literally see a girl’s front bottom through her leggings! Liberation indeed!

  3. You couldn’t make this up!

    Roitfeld was quick to mention that France isn’t as liberal as Americans would like to think. “Karl Lagerfeld decided to come to my ball in Paris [for French Vogue’s 90th anniversary] dressed in a burqa so he wouldn’t be recognized … he was arrested outside,” she said, “so he didn’t come to the party, but there were three our four people that came dressed as Karl Lagerfeld, so it made up for it in a way.”

    An interview with Carine Roitfeld featured on the Daily Beast

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