The Milestones of Growing Up

No, No and No Way! These were the answers I received after going through my phone contacts of so-called family and friends asking them if they wanted to come and watch a fashion documentary film with me.  It soon became apparent that if I really wanted to watch the film, and I did, I would have to cross one of the great tests of growing up and (gulp) GO ALONE!!!!

Going alone for a coffee? Meh, who cares?  Going alone for dinner? Mmmm.  Going alone to the cinema? Eek!

Some things are simply better enjoyed with friends.  Going alone to the cinema still conjures up images of weirdos and freaks in trench coats with newspapers.  I am neither and although I do love trench coats I thought it best to leave it at home on this occasion.

Luckily my first lonesome cinema experience was at a small independent cinema and it was of course full of people on their own so I was cheating a little bit.  Nevertheless, the milestone has been crossed and now that I am on the other side I have to say it was a nice experience.  Since the subject was close to my heart being alone allowed me to reflect on it during my wonderful walk back home through Edinburgh’s beautiful Princes Street Gardens.

One thing off the To Do list!


2 Comments to “The Milestones of Growing Up”

  1. Oh! How brave….. I set myself the challenge of going to the cinema alone before I turned 30…. I am now 36! What a wimp!

  2. I have still to go to the cinema on my own. I have conquered restaurants which was a really big thing for me.

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