Saville: Brushed Under The Carpet

The outbreak of Jimmy Saville allegedly molesting several young girls and rape has caused great concern amongst the British public. The issue raised for me in this whole tragedy is why, when people such as the former colleagues and staff including the former BBC chief Lord Michael Grade had heard rumours, they did not take it any further.

His family are outraged at the allegations and ask for his reputation not to be tarnished as he is not alive to defend himself. However, theĀ number of women are growing on a daily basis and if he did do this then his victims need to be heard and full inquiry needs to take place at the BBC who housed Mr Saville for his career.

The whole case makes my stomach turn. To think that he had provided himself with the most perfect access to the nation’s children. I remember as a child wanting to go on Jim’ll Fix it and loving him. For numerous rumours not to lead into an investigation at the time must means he was extremely clever in his cover up or people were just turning a blind eye and brushing it under the carpet. He held the country under his charm and that was his power.

But was he so powerful and so high profiled that people were too afraid to speak against him? And does that once again mean that powerful men can do what they like to women and girls as it will just be brushed under the carpet?

The Asian community is well versed in brushing issues under the carpet from something as small as bad exam grades to very serious crimes such as these. Sexual crimes in the Asian community are rarely addressed and when they are, women are always seen as the perpetrator rather than the victim. They must have caused the crime somehow even if it by what they were wearing.

I know this must be hard for Jimmy’s family but this really does need to be exposed and investigated and not for once brushed under the carpet.


2 Comments to “Saville: Brushed Under The Carpet”

  1. Did you hear the Beeb had produced a Panorama film over 10 years ago exposing what a perv he is but decided not to air it.

    Where are these girls parents … You can’t tell that your girl has been molested??

  2. It is disgraceful and the BBC is worse for not taking the allegations seriously. He was popular not powerful but that seems to have been enough to let him get away with crime.
    There have been cases of Indian actors raping maids thinking they could get away with it as they were more powerful and no one would believe a maid. Fortunately times are changing.

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