Spaghetti Union

A story broke today about an Italian local government officer who slashed the tyres of a disabled man’s car as he complained that the minister was using the disabled parking spot.  Yesterday news broke out from the Great Stiletto that the head of the tax collection agency had been arrested for embezzling €100 million, mostly spent on parties.  Up and down the country Italy’s politicians are robbing the country and flexing their arrogant muscles as they obey thug rule as they see fit.

I used to live in Florence and even though it is one of the most beautiful cities in the world I knew I couldn’t ever make a life there.   I have met countless Italians in London that left Italy for the same reason, there is simply no opportunity unless you have connections.

As the austerity screws get tighter I wonder what will happen in the Mediterranean countries.



One Comment to “Spaghetti Union”

  1. Italy is like a third world country. The only thing that saves them is that they actually make things like food, cars, fashion etc

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