Eyes At The Back Of Your Head

Dear Diary,

Last year my friend’s daughter was snatched and missing for half an hour in North London during a walk in their local woods. It was the worst moment in the parents lives. It could have happened to anybody.

My friend was taking her 8 year old daughter and 4 year twin boys for their usual Saturday afternoon stroll in the woods. Her daughter was just ahead of her, the boys ambling just behind. She turned around to pick up one of the boys who had tripped and in the space of a couple of minutes, her daughter was snatched.

Thankfully, the girl was released within half an hour. The police say that the snatcher must have got scared by the amount of people searching for the girl. The mother screamed and shouted for her daughter and rounded up as much help as she could very quickly from passer by.  They found her daughter just by the edge of the woods crying and terrified. She was unable to scream because she was gagged.

Ever since, my friend has blamed herself and is struggling to overcome the tragic experience let alone enable her daughter to overcome it.

She turned her back for 2 minutes only, something that most parents do when you have multiple children. We don’t have eyes in the back of our heads and it just shows that it can happen to anyone in the safety of their own community.





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