Fashion Lovers Invited

We brought you news and reviews from Delhi Couture Week a couple of months ago. Now dear Chatterboxes it’s time to go gaga for Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week Spring-Summer 2013 due to start tomorrow!

63 designers will showcase their designs in Delhi in a five day fashion event from 6 – 10 October.  Here at The Chatterjis blog we will bring you the best of each day and more as we interviews some of the designers.  New designs to pour over, colours to soak up and ideas to think about.

The Fashion Design Council of India (FDCI) does their best to help new independent designers get the platform they need to showcase their designs often organising group shows so designers can pool their resources.  This year the FDCI have also given a scheduled showcase time to the North East Government of India to showcase wonderful textiles and designers from that region so that could be interesting.

As usual there is a wonderful mix of big names and up and coming designers on each day, including a sprinkling of Bollywood stardust and we will bring you a glimpse of it all.

First image is a design by Vineet Bahl and the image just above is Kareena Kapoor wearing Pankaj and Nidhi.


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