Laughing It Off

Justin Lee Collins has been caught laughing off his meager punishment for domestic violence.

Nobody knows what he is laughing at, however, social media is quite active on the story suggesting that he feels no remorse for bullying and bitting his girlfriend.

Three weeks ago the law was changed in England regarding psychological bullying within a relationship in order for it to be taken seriously by the justice system and recognise the impact and effect of bullying on the victims. However, I do question the difficulties of proving bullying in a court as per many comments on social media today, women are very good at hiding their abuse for all sorts of reason from fear to shame.

Bullied victims can come from all parts of society. They can be smart business women who can control boardrooms but feel helpless in relationships to those are not particular confident in work or relationships.

We talked about wives being possessions last week and this again questions how some men see women. The moment I got married, I was told by my parents that I must see my husbands parents as my real parents now as they have given me away. The thought was ludicrous to me, but this was their belief. The are cultures today who carry these traditions on which means that women are treated as possessions by many different members in a family, not always just the sexual partner. Mother-in-law bullying comes to mind.

Please do share any stories of bullying here on this forum as we would love to engage with people on this subject and it may help others who come across our blog.


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