The average bra size has gone from a 34B in 2010 to a 34DD. Bravissimo!!

The claim has come from Debenhams who have declared its best selling size as 34DD. The increase in size has come from obesity, boob jobs as well as people fitting bras properly.

There is nothing better than a properly fitted bra. It changes your posture, cures back aches and makes you feel sexy. I can reveal that I am one of these statistics. Always been told that  I am a M&S 34B until I went to Bravissimo and then Selfridges who both concurred that I was a 34DD. I am much happier as a 34DD and this is not anything to do with my obsession with having bigger boobs. Bras no longer hurt and feel uncomfortable so I am delighted that I honoured myself and went to get properly measured.

We have previously spoken about how common it is for South Asian women to wear the wrong bra size. The seemingly embarrassing nature of being fitted for bras has prevented a generation of South Asian from wearing correctly fitted bras relying on a quick measure tape around the bust to give a size.

Great for outer clothing not for inner.

Busty Bunty!!!


2 Comments to “34DD”

  1. Wow Bunty, i had the same experience as you. M&S told me I was a 34C and I wore that for a decade .. I am actually a 32DD and feel much more comfortable and actually, wearing the right sized bra makes them look smaller and more in proportion. Get re-measured everyone!

  2. I hope someone from M&S is reading this. It happens a lot and they really need to sort out how they measure. Thanks for your story MS.

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