Mirror, Signal, Mascara

A disturbing statistic was put out on the radio this morning that half a million British road accidents are caused by women putting on make-up whilst driving!!!!

A poll produced in 2009 by The Telegraph found that 27% of the women questioned applied their entire make-up whilst driving whereas a fifth touched it up.

Having seen a women applying eyeliner this morning whilst at a traffic light as this fact was broadcasted either shows that we are live in a world so fast paced that we do not have time to stop and do our make-up or that we really do not care about road safety. Whichever, it is really selfishly unsafe. The woman pulled away after being honked by the car behind. She wasn’t paying attention.

I have no problem with women applying make-up in public but please do it safely.


One Comment to “Mirror, Signal, Mascara”

  1. This is such a serious matter…….applying make-up while walking is already making females walk into things. People should understand that doing anything other than concentrate on the road is dangerous.
    i would wish people will re-consider what they do while driving so they don’t get into an accident.

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