Nigella Lawson’s current series on BBC 2 has caused controversy. Notorious for “cheat’s cooking” as she calls it and loved by working women everywhere for its ease and convenience, this current series has gone a step too far or has it????

The Italian inspired series is full of recipes that use unhealthy helpings of butter, cream, chocolate and the list goes on. Nigella recently said in an interview in The Telegraph that she is a great believer in fat; it helps look younger in middle age and is a moisturiser from within.


To all those Asians that pour ghee on their rotis and cook the sabzis with ghee, you are given the thumbs up by Nigella. Diabetes and Heart disease are not on her agenda and maybe they don’t need to be. Does Nigella need to be responsible in her cooking? It’s not like we have to cook her dishes everyday even though her books and series refer to easy daily cooking. Maybe they can be an indulgence or a guilty pleasure. We do have a choice.

I do enjoy Nigela and find her passion for food infectious. Her recipes are sometimes to gluttonous for me but then I am a health conscious cook.

If you haven’t seen the series, you can watch it on BBC IPlayer




4 Comments to “Nigellissima”

  1. I love Nigella, very inspiring!

  2. Personally I think it is all in your genes – Nigella would look gorgeous and young at any weight. She is tall enough to hide a lot of chubby bits.

    People that religiously watch what they eat – especially preachy ones – tend to look old to me. Would you agree?

  3. I have never made anything Nigella recommends, however, that doesn’t stop me enjoying her over-indulgent shows. She is wonderfully entertaining and can eat the calories for us!

    We were never allowed butter on chappatis as children and were hardly ever allowed to eat paratha’s – the layered uber buttery version – but I love them and can’t get enough when I’m in India. Thankfully I’m too lazy to make my own so that saves my arteries.

    Buzzword: I never noticed but I will keep that in mind for the future…

  4. I love Nigella…. Some skinny women in my office were slagging her off once but I think they were jealous …..and hungry!

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