Germany: Only Traditional Racism

A rather shocking tale from Germany.  The author of the award-winning play Clybourne Park, Bruce Norris, has refused permission to a Berlin theatre company to perform the play after learning that a lead character would appear blacked up.

Managers at the Deutsches Theatre said a female African-American character in the play was being performed by a white actress and producers would “experiment with make-up” – something they only mentioned to the author after he continued to press them on the subject.  Bruce Norris said he was taking a “zero tolerance position”.  He also urged fellow playwrights “to boycott productions of your own work by German theatres that continue this asinine tradition”.

Apparently the German theatres have a history of blacking up actors (even earlier this year in January) and claim that they can’t find black actors.  I find this news and the theatre’s attempts of justification of racism disgusting.

I have often heard that Germany is one of the most racist countries in Europe, still even after all these years since WWII.  I remember reading an article years ago about the abuse Boris Becker received (including death threats) because he married a black woman.  My own cousin was chased through a market place as the Germans thought he was Turkish.  He was only 14 years old at the time on a school trip.  And you must have heard how the German media talks about the Greeks.  Of course, the Greeks give back as much as they take (reference to the recent welcome that Angela Merkel received).

So, the EU won the Nobel Peace Prize?  Some traditions need to be binned.


One Comment to “Germany: Only Traditional Racism”

  1. I can’t believe the theatre group tried to justify their behaviour.

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