London Taxis No.1

For the fourth year London black cab drivers have been voted the best in the world according to a survey carried out by

Awarded top spot ahead of New York’s yellow cab drivers for safety, cleanliness, friendliness, knowledge and quality of driving. The London cabby lost top spot votes only for best value. Yes, they are also one of the most expensive in the world.

For this reason alone, I do consider them an indulgence for me. However, the positive experiences of being in a London cab far outweigh similar experiences anywhere in the world. A personal worst was in Moscow where I got severely ripped off and ended up at the wrong hotel.

In the poll, the Koreans despised London cabbies for being chatty. The one thing I love most about a London cabby. The source of information, gossip, news, knowledge of the area, history, politics that can be shared through the streets of London is worth celebrating alone.

I feel so proud.



One Comment to “London Taxis No.1”

  1. Cabs are the most famous way of transportation in London. The cab drivers are very co-operative and good. I have read your post and I like it a lot. Thanks for sharing this.
    Cabs London

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