White Van Man

It’s true.

White Van drivers, usually men, are infuriating on the roads.

Inconsiderate, dangerous, rude, and irresponsible are all adjectives associated with White Van drivers. This week, I have found myself saying them all whilst watching and experience some of the worst driving at the hands of male White Van drivers.

The reckless overtaking, speeding, lack of signalling and road rage is part of my journey to and fro work everyday. I am now wondering whether something psychological happens to a driver once behind the wheel of a White Van. Does the testosterone kick in and the roads become rally courses that have to be challenged within a time limit????

Are there any other driver group that can be as infuriating on the roads?


p.s. mothers who choose to drive their children to school down narrow road in a chelsea tractor…..

5 Comments to “White Van Man”

  1. Your p.s. does it for me Bunty! I live in an area where there are tons of prep schools nearby and women in huge 4x4s are a nightmare. They can’t control them and it’s actually quite scary as they regularly mount pavements. Why can’t they walk????

  2. My views on crazy driving have been totally changed now that I drive in Delhi, I’m now ready for anything! I do agree with you both regarding 4x4s.

  3. What about what happened in Cardiff .. The white van man who mowed down children and adults killing oneyoung mother ? Apparently he was even getting out of his van and beating up people with a crow bar!

    • Goodness this news story is awful. This man seems to have mental health issues. I saw the father of one of the children in a news interview and she was covered in bruises, unbelievable.

  4. That story in Cardiff was truly tragic.

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