Happy Navratri

For those celebrating this wonderful Hindu festival, Happy Navratri.

Simply translated as “nine nights”, the festival is dedicated to female goddesses. It is celebrated twice a year; at the beginning of Summer and Winter as Hindus consider these times as important junctures in climate change and solar influence.

The goddesses celebrated as “Durga” on the first three days to rid all impurities and vices; “Laxshmi” on the next three days to welcome wealth and prosperity and finally the last three days are dedicated to the goddess of wisdom, “Saraswathi” to provide success in every aspect of life.

Communities gather to sing songs and dance garba around a beautiful centre piece of deities. Here at these celebrations, those men or women who are spiritually possessed (written here on this blog) with the mother goddesses inside of them flourish and dance before our eyes.

The colours, music and vibrancy of the festival is so infectious, it really does make you get up and join in.  This festival is being celebrated all over England by Hindu communities and ends on Wednesday night.


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