An Age-Old Question

A rumour on the entertainment circuit is that 26 year-old Mary-Kate Olsen is dating 42 year-old Olivier Sarkozy a relation of the former pint-sized French president.  Is this too big a gap or does the gap depend on the decades in question?

When I was 18 I dated a tall, blonde and handsome 25 year-old Norwegian.   Although we were both at university at the time the age difference seemed rather large.  In fact I even used to refer to him as The Granddad until one fine day I found him strangely attractive.  Upon reflection I feel that had we dated when I was 20 and he 27 we might have enjoyed ourselves more.

His refined taste in very expensive red wine, for example, was completely wasted on me as I didn’t enjoy it when I was younger and much preferred naff cocktails that tasted like boiled sweets.  He loved wonderful programmes such as Seinfeld but as I teen I wasn’t interested in the series and I didn’t even understand the humour or appreciate how amazing Elaine’s character was.

As people mature, does the age gap become irrelevant?  I think it does.  Going back to Mary-Kate, she and her twin sister have been superstars and working since they were babies so perhaps she feels a lot maturer than a regular 26 year-old.


8 Comments to “An Age-Old Question”

  1. Ewwwww! He is too old. She may be a mature 26 but he is a sick 46.

  2. My boyfriend is 10 years older than me. At first thought, I assumed he was maybe only 5 years older but I was wrong. He still acts like a kid sometimes but his age seems to come out most when it comes to work, he’s incredibly driven and it drives me too. 16 years is a bit much, Sarkozy looks like he could be her father, that’s awkward. But maybe they don’t mind all the talk, you never really know until its you who is in that position.

    • Do you think it depends on the decades in question? I feel that there is less difference the older the younger one in the relationship becomes and I think you’re right maturity has a lot to do with compatibility.

  3. Some of my friends in their 30’s and 40’s have partners 10 years their senior. They are in loving and brilliant relationships. Its not like a minor is being taken advantage of. I have a friend who is 15 years my senior and is really hot, intelligent and a delightful person. We have a great friendship and if I wasn’t married, he could be quite seriously someone who I would date. Sometimes I think the older you become, age matters less.

  4. Just read this and thought of this blog post:
    Rupert Murdoch and Wendi Deng
    Deng was working for News Corp.’s Star TV in Asia, when she met Murdoch at a party in 1997. They married in 1999, less than three weeks after his divorce from his second wife. They have two daughters and a 30-year age difference.

    They could be in a stable loving relationship but too often, that’s not the case and seeing photos of them is odd. 30 years is a bit much but the heart is blind.

    • Thanks for reminding us of Murdoch and Wendy Deng, yes that age gap does seem too large but I’m sure her quick reaction and youthful punch in defence of her husband at the Leveson Inquiry was greatly appreciated by him!

  5. And also, can I enlighten you on how Wendy Deng ended up at that party, given that she was a poor chinese orphan. An American couple adopted her and took her back to the US with them. She was given everything a girl needs and then HAHA has an affair with her adopted father (yucky Woody Allen type) .. her sugar daddy (literally) leaves his wife for Deng and they get married. Deng then ends up at the party with Murdoch and ditches her ex-dad for Murdoch.


    Social climbing is one thing but eugh eugh eugh

    My question is this: when she wakes up in the morning and sees a naked Murdoch next to her, what happens? Does she throw up in her mouth? What if TOUCHES her?

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