Starbucks Takes Rupees

Security guards and long queues…not often seen at Starbucks in the UK but this is the excitement around the American coffee giant’s first Indian outlet that opened in Mumbai.  Multinationals opening in new countries inevitably results in stories of soul selling and about Evil Globalisation, however, to an extent it seems to depend upon the company.

Nike? Meh.  Chanel? Yay.  McDonalds? Boo!!!  Starbucks? Hiss!!!

Some journalists have pointed out that 3/4 of Indians can’t afford anything in Starbuck as India is a country that struggles to provide for its vast population.  However, the 1/4 remaining is a whopping 250 million people who can afford an awful coffee and processed muffin that comes with Western brand association.  I remember all those years ago when the first Starbucks opened in Scotland, it was exciting – sounds silly I know.

I also remember my first coffee there – it was gross and in the 10 years subsequent it’s still awful but I LOVE the Starbucks Chai Tea Latte.  No other chai latte comes close and for those nostalgic Indian travellers that claim Indians do chai better:  it’s not true!!  It’s fine if you can be bothered to make it at home but for those of us on the move (and too lazy) buying it is best.  All the Indian coffee chains serve masala chai from a tea bag that you can buy from any Indian grocery store and  I’m simply not a dhabba type of gal.

Sickly sweet, (soya) milky heaven!


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