25 Years Of Flat Pack

Yes, can you believe it, IKEA has been in Britain for 25 years!!! The nation’s favourite flat pack company has grown from strength to strength delivering on design, affordability and easy assembly for a quarter of a century.

Who doesn’t have IKEA goods in their home?

My first flat was totally furnished with IKEA from beds to towels to kitchen utensils. It really was a one stop shop. I gradually moved away from stapled furniture as I had more disposable income and sought durability and originality. But, that doesn’t mean that I abandoned them. Oh no, clever storage solutions and great kitchen and home accessories always puts IKEA on the top of my list.

What IKEA did for women is a phenomena in itself. With an instruction pack, alan key and a screwdriver women could put the furniture together themselves. No need for male DIY help. In fact, in our family we would laugh as some men refused to read instructions and would take double the time to assemble!!

So as Ikea celebrates 25 years of British custom, they can be satisfied with the knowledge that 1 Billy bookcase will be sold every 10 seconds and 1 in 10 babies are conceived on IKEA beds.


2 Comments to “25 Years Of Flat Pack”

  1. IKEA made companies like Bo Concept work harder to justify their prices. IKEA is labyrinth to work around which I find the least enjoyable but I like that they made contemporary interiors accessible to the mass market.

    My mother is possibly the only person in the country that hissed ‘NOTHING from this store will enter my house’ when she first saw it!

  2. Does she still say that Bubbly and still not possess a thing from the store???? She might be the only person in the British Isles!!!

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