Gilbert Scott At St Pancras

Set in the exquisitely renovated St Pancras Hotel, Kings Cross, dinner at Gilbert Scott was definitely a date I was waiting for……

Originally designed and opened in 1873 by Sir George Gilbert Scott, the building was restored to its Victorian beauty with amazing Gothic plaster work and restoration of many of the buildings original features.


Walking into the bar, you immediately feel like you are about to encounter a very special evening. We spent the first fifteen minutes in total awe with our eyes just taking in every detail around us. The glorious bells that hung over our heads, the gold leaf that delicately decorated pillars and alcoves, the lighting, the painted ceilings, the list goes on…

And so, like love sick puppies, on we went to our table in the equally glorious restaurant where Michelin star Chef Marcus Wareing offers what we have read to be an exceptional fine dining experience. Well, whilst the food was great, it wasn’t exceptional. I can’t remember the last time I have looked at a menu of a fine dining restaurant and not wanted to eat at least 50% of it.

Unfortunately, the starters were lovely but not wow. The main course was delicious but not sensational and my memory of each of the first two courses where the accompaniments rather than the star of the dish. The dessert, well I would rather not have bothered. A chocolate sauce with cornflakes on it. The service was really slow that we ended up eating a lot of bread. A for £200 (£40 of that taxes including a cover charge for dinner!!) a couple each, I would have liked a Sommelier to have given us advice on wine.

Yes, I enjoyed the evening with our friends and our celebration, the food was good, but for the price I felt like I was paying for the cost of the restoration.



4 Comments to “Gilbert Scott At St Pancras”

  1. It does look beautiful, Britain certainly excels at restoration.

  2. It’s such a pity that the food doesn’t measure up to the decor. Thanks Bunty, it helps to know that it is better just to have a drink at the bar !

  3. It’s a shame the food doesn’t stack up with the decor. I agree with MS, at least it will be a nice place to have a drink at the bar, especially as the area doesn’t have that many nice places on offer!

  4. God how true! I often have to meet a friend around Kings X and the choice is dire. This bar looks lovely but thanks for head’s up as I probably would have ended up having a dull meal there. Will go for cocktails though

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