Brad Pitt Acts Like Brad Pitt: Fails

Life is easy when you’re good looking.  I remember when Brad Pitt first stumbled on to our screens in that Levi’s ad and my jaw dropped.  So why couldn’t he act himself in the Chanel No 5 advert?  Wooden at best, his performance is cringing and his goat beard makes me feel itchy.

Chanel No 5 is an iconic perfume, I absolutely love the scent but shake my head in wonder.  The Brad Pitt ad was filmed by award winning director, Joe Wright of Pride and Prejudice fame.

Not content with killing a perfume, Brad has now launched a furniture line.  His collection includes a marble bath tub, a glass table with 24 carat gold frame (been to the Middle East lately, Brad??) a bed, white leather armchair and a lamp.

Yikes! I would like Brad Pitt to design my garden, he seems to have lots of free time…


3 Comments to “Brad Pitt Acts Like Brad Pitt: Fails”

  1. Brad Pitt can’t act. He was a one trick pony with that Fight Club character that he wheeled out for loads of films later. Yawn. He is definitley not ageing well but no, I would not throw him out of bed.

  2. Urghhh he is such a loser. His finest moment was getting naked in Thelma & Louise and I don’t recall him ever being attrractive after that. He sounds so up his own arse in this ad

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