The Soul in the Space

One of India’s most respected and coveted couturiers, JJ Valaya is also set to dominate Indian fine art photography.  The Soul in the Space (A Journey of Architectural Influences) is now open to the public at gallery Nature Morte in Delhi.  JJ Valaya captures abstract architectural images from Scotland, Jodhpur and Chandigarh.  Why these three places? You’ll have to hop along to the gallery to find out!

Nature Morte was originally a gallery in New York that relocated to India.  Demonstrating his strength in the genre, JJ Valaya has another exhibition, Decoded Paradox, currently showing at Nature Morte’s Gurgaon gallery at The Oberoi hotel.  This exhibition juxtaposes historic royal Indian glamour in a more rugged and contemporary setting capturing the romance of the past with the trodden present.

There is a book to accompany this exhibition also entitled Decoded Paradox and it is showing until 2 December 2012. The Soul in the Space is showing in Delhi until 24 November 2012.


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