Fatal Anti Abortion Law

The devastating death of Savita Halappanavar needs to make Ireland stand up and change its anti-abortion laws. The tragedy here is that government religious legislation ruled over medical sense.

Savita begged medical staff to terminate her pregnancy while in agony. She knew she was miscarrying and it is said that a termination would have saved her life. Instead she died of blood poisoning.

I would expect this outcome in Victorian times or maybe even in a developing country but not in modern Ireland, a member of the EU. Where is common sense and the common medical purpose to save human life? Neither life here was saved. Instead, an excuse not to perform a life saving procedure on the grounds of Catholic religion.

Savita’s family are now considering taking legal action and if one can only hope that the only positive outcome out of this tragedy is that these medieval laws are changed so that women are not put in medical danger.

God this makes me so cross!



2 Comments to “Fatal Anti Abortion Law”

  1. I don’t think countries in the EU and civilised world should outlaw abortion especially on the basis of religion. Religion, heaven and hell cannot be proven and this woman tragically lost her life due to extremism.

    Shame on Ireland.

  2. The crazy thing about this story is that even Ireland allows abortions if the mother’s life is in danger. In this case, it clearly was, but the doctors seemed to have ignored the parent’s pleas for help. Who knows what the doctors’ reasoning was, I can only assume it has something to do with the stigma of having to carry it out…

    Shame on Ireland, and shame on these doctors for not detecting that this woman’s life was seriously at risk.

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