How to Lose Friends and Alienate People

Even formerly sympathetic people find themselves disgusted by Israel’s mini war on Hammas and the Palestinians.

The timing has been blamed on Israeli elections taking place in January and that the war should make Netenyahu look good and distract from social politics to his favoured security politics.  Well, I’m sure the Gazans dying ‘by accident’ completely understand when Israeli highly sophisticated and targeted attacks go wrong.   Imagine that families are acceptable political fodder at the time of an election, such is the value of Palestinian life.

I am equally as disgusted by William Hague churning out the usual messages of condemnation against Hamas whilst ignoring the massive imbalance between the countries and their weapons.

I am no supporter of militants but I despise bullying.  The problem isn’t that Israel is Jewish, it is simply a State that terrorises its neighbour and acts shocked that they retaliate.


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