Don’t Wear This

What do Calvin Klein, Levi’s and Zara have in common? They came top of the pops in the hazardous chemicals in clothes chart.  Quite an achievement!

Greenpeace randomly tested 20 brands for chemicals and although all of them tested positive for hazardous chemicals in at least one item of clothing, the aforementioned brands were the worst offenders.  More than 70% of the items tested contained hazardous chemicals ‘some of which can break down to form hormone-disrupting or cancer-causing substances’ oh dear…

Whilst Zara seems to be shirking its responsibility H & M and Marks & Spencer are reportedly taking these issues seriously and have already taken steps to reduce the chemicals found in clothing.

I am part of the garment industry and have read about formaldehyde being used as a finishing chemical.  Not only are these chemicals bad for us they are bad for the environment and for their entire life cycle.  I wish I could end on a positive note but since we won’t be wearing potato sacks any time soon, I just wanted to raise awareness.


3 Comments to “Don’t Wear This”

  1. wow this is kinda crazy i had no idea….

  2. I have heard about formaldehyde being used in lots of beauty products too, like nail polish. Quite scary!

  3. They also don’t garment test properly…… I am assuming that this is for illegal quantities of formaldehyde as many structured fabrics contain this chemical.

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